Learning to Trust Yourself.

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    The most common struggles for people pleasers

    Can you relate to these?

    Social Pressure



    Do you often find yourself saying 'yes' to social engagements or obligations even when you'd rather decline, just to avoid disappointing others?

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed or taken advantage of because you struggle to set and maintain healthy boundaries in your relationships and interactions?

    Do you crave understanding and guidance in navigating the journey toward prioritizing your own needs and desires amidst the expectations and demands of others?

    Breaking free from the grip of people-pleasing and embracing your true self is a daunting journey, demanding a radical shift in mindset and behavior. It's a challenge many face, but rest assured, there's a path forward.

    Much like nurturing meaningful relationships, reclaiming your autonomy demands the right strategies, handled with care and intention. Relying on guesswork leads to more frustration, but with the guidance of someone who has walked this path, success is within reach. As your coach, I've conquered these inner battles and stand ready to empower you to do the same. Together, let's embark on a transformative journey, rewriting the narrative to prioritize your own needs and embrace your authentic self.

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    "Whether it's personal, relationship or business with Shalaun it was how do we get to the core of the issues. She shows up so authentic and it feels good to do that with her"

    Matt Pray
    Senior Executive Leader

    "Shalaun is more than a coach, she's your friend for life. She gives insight and understanding to help navigate what you really want and make better decisions for your life."

    Justin Hoskins, MD
    Medical Director & Founder

    "Shalaun has changed my life on numerous occasions. She has helped me stop self sabotage and guide me to be who I was meant to be and encouraged me to achieve bigger, bolder dreams for my life."

    Shanel Whitley
    Web Designer & Business Strategist

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