You are only one decision away from a totally new life.

You have big hopes and goals for your life.

You envision a deeply satisfying relationship that lasts a lifetime.

You are building a career or business that is aligned with your inner purpose and brings true fulfillment. 

Relationships and success can be great. When you allow who you really are to drive your choices you will build a life you couldn’t have imagined.

I’m here to collaborate with you to create the life of your dreams.

AWE- Filled 

Success Coaching

You need a vision, authenticity and courage to build the life you want to create.

I remember aimlessly wandering through simple jobs that I was good at because I was scared to jump into the thing that came naturally to me.

I borrowed from my parents’ individual dysfunction but commitment to marriage to catapult me into the thriving relationship that I have with my husband.

It gets to be THIS SIMPLE.

Because the truth about life is that:

You can experience freedom and gratitude as you authentically build a life full of love and success!

A 3 or 6 month coaching collaboration is for individuals who are ready to disrupt the mindless chatter that says “this is what you SHOULD be doing” and are ready to lean into their inner voice that knows the truth about actions you need to be taking for success in life and relationships.

This 1 on 1 coaching program is like no other. We’ll focus on the 3 core pillars of my integrative strategic coaching formula: interrupt, drop the facade, and move into action.
By joining AWE-filled Coaching you will receive full guidance and support in creating the life of your dreams.

Rather than spending months, or even years, trying to figure out what to do let’s deep dive into creating the life you want while receiving support customized to YOU.

AWE-Filled Success Private Coaching


"Whether it's personal, relationship or business with Shalaun it was how do we get to the core of the issues. She shows up so authentic and it feels good to do that with her"

Matt Pray
Senior Executive Leader

"Shalaun is more than a coach, she's your friend for life. She gives insight and understanding to help navigate what you really want and make better decisions for your life."

Justin Hoskins, MD
Medical Director and Founder

You’ve switched careers to finally give that side project, your real passion, your full attention.

You wake up everyday grateful for the changes you’ve made and the love you experience.

People see you living more authentically and you feel more joy.

You connect with your partner and have so much fun in your relationship now

You love your life and are in AWE that you are here!

Imagine 3 or 6 months from now:

Coaching Packages

Enrollment is Open!


Drop the facade. Be Connected. Be fulfilled.

1 x 90 min Coaching Call:

Unlimited Coaching Calls- Up to 60 minutes:

1:1 Voice Message Support:

We will collaborate, work through, and strategize on action steps you can implement to change your life and your mindset.

In your first call we’ll spend time getting to your deepest desires and aspirations and get a vision created for the life you want to live.

Between calls you get voice and text message access to ask me any questions, receive feedback and update me on your current action items and progress.

love & life.

Let go of the facade
so you can get all of
what you truly want in